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    Cities in East Hillsborough County are required by the Florida building code to install impact-rated glass on new buildings. This type of glass is designed for homes and businesses in coastal areas where hurricanes and powerful storms happen regularly. For those wanting extra protection, stylish hurricane shutters can also be added to the outside of your home, ready to close up at a moment's notice.

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    We cannot stress enough the usefulness of durable windows. But, sadly, windows might be the last thing on our minds whenever we plan our home's architecture. Such an attitude can be pretty risky for your and your family's safety.
    For people living in a windy area such as Riverview, Florida, or Hillsborough, like the beach-linked cities, then impact windows are your only safe solution to keep your house intact. Windows are regarded as one of a building's most significant and distinctive parts, through which light, air, and sound enter a place. Windows allow a building's inner and outside regions to be connected, allowing the home's residents to use the outdoors. The absence of windows makes the dwellings unfinished.
    You might not know, but every year almost 12 million houses in Florida are at risk of massive destruction only because of hurricanes. The USA property guide has suggested a standard architecture and structure for Florida houses, including impact windows.
    If you are also looking for some great impact windows, the ALV's impact window might suit you. But having windows is not enough.
    The first step to securing your home is appropriate window installation, and for that, you need the advice of an expert. It would be best if you did a preliminary study before investing money in windows that might be adequate for your requirements.

    Window installation procedure:
    While changing a window could seem like a fairly simple task, a closer inspection reveals that it might be more complicated than you first think. Here is a very brief explanation of what the ALV window installation procedure comprises and how crucial each step is to the health of your home.

    • Examining the area and the home

    The window installer from ALV will examine your windows and determine the finest window covering for your home. Remember that we may need to make alterations to your walls, which will affect the cost if you wish to modify the type or size of your window. We will assist you in determining the best strategy to handle your project after learning what you'd like to accomplish.

    • The Placement of the New Windows

    We take every measure to safeguard your window and home from any potential damage by having our highly skilled and experienced team install your custom-fit windows from the inside. We take our time installing your windows because we know how crucial a successful window installation is to the long-term success of your house. You can set a date for your window installation once ALV has your order ready. Since ALVs Window installers are trained to remove and install windows, most jobs can typically be finished by the same team in a single day.
    If you've never had your windows changed before, you could be confused by the procedure. Ask questions about the caliber of our goods and what to anticipate as we work in your home as you get to know the ALV experts.

    • The Old Window Exclusion

    Without the right tools and resources, removing an old window from its frame and properly removing it can be a daunting challenge. The ALV's window removal process will be quick and easy for you, thanks to ALV's resources and labor force.

    • The Templating

    Out-of-square window openings are another difficulty we run into with some structures. To address this issue, ALV uses extensive equipment and knowledge for interior and exterior measuring, restoration, sealing, insulation, etc. The slightest error during this procedure stage can ruin your home, create draughts, and result in additional water damage. Our experts will not let you down from the start till the end of the procedure.

    ALV’s procedure is straightforward. Whenever a storm window is present, we remove it. Indicate the window frame, pierce the weather barrier, Remove the springs or sash weights, Find the stops and record them. Remove the sealants, remove the sashes, and discard any outdated materials. We are constantly interested in environmental cleanliness and leftovers.

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    Serving the right for the right has always been ALV's goal. All of our items are produced keeping Florida building rules in mind. At ALV, we are glad to claim that our window installation service covers all of the under-written guidelines by Florida building regulations.
    Florida building regulations provide all laws and guidelines for construction in the state.
    Always check local rules before any new window installation since, in some areas of Florida, municipal or county construction codes may differ from the state code.
    The Florida construction code expressly regulates hurricane shutters. All exterior glass surfaces, including windows and doors, must be covered by shutters in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone.
    Shutters are not necessary for glass elements that have been certified as fulfilling impact load criteria by the building code. ALV's certified, Florida-registered supervisors and similarly trained architects will design your hurricane shutters.
    All exposed exterior building components must pass impact and load testing, including shutters and unshuttered glass surfaces. The same findings are anticipated from walls, doors, skylights, glazing or glass block, and shutters in these tests that assess a material's capacity to withstand wind-borne debris.


    Why choose ALV Storm and Impact Windows? Whether you've just made the move to Riverview, Brandon, Bloomindale, Adamsville, or anywhere near me in Hillsborough County to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine or to make an investment in our growing community we want to serve you. We only use the best in our components of hurricane windows (the layer of plastic or polymer material sandwiched between two glass layers known as laminated glass) for our customers. Let us do all the work for you so you can save on your energy bill and home insurance, sleep well at night without having to be concerned about your family's safety, and beautify your home or office all at the same time. So whether you are looking for additional protection for your home this upcoming hurricane season or simply want to add a unique touch to your home or office, no matter what your window installation needs we will leave it more beautiful than when we started.

    Our team prides itself in its professional level of service, quick response times, and high level of customer satisfaction with all our window installations. We make sure that you are satisfied with any of our completed window installation projects.

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